Could This Serum Spell The End Of Waxing And Shaving? Hair-removal Product Boasts Same Results As Lasers… At 10% Of Cost, honest insights to Revitol Hair Removal Cream & Stretch Marks Cream

The serum also aids painful ingrown hairs by reducing and soothes this problem. During products trials, 93 per cent of users reported less hair on their body than before, and 80 per cent noticed it had become finer after using the product for eight weeks. Three highly concentrated technologies present in inhibitif 0.41% LAURYL ISOQUINOLINIUM BROMIDE 0.25% PSEUDOALTEROMONAS FERMENT These actives are combined in a penetration-enhancing base made of natural MAIZE PROPANEDIOL and ALOE. The serum, available exclusively at Boots as part of Latest Finds from today, is applied evenly and immediately on freshly shaved or waxed body areas twice a day for two months, or until body hair appears nearly invisible. Application can then be reduced to three times per week to maintain results. At a price of 29.99, it claims to be a long-term solution that won’t break the bank like salon laser treatments – which can cost about 350 for a full leg treatment per session. And even then you’ll need at least six sessions for optimum results – ouch indeed. One bottle of serum claims to last two to three months on average if used only on legs after each depilation session, and, unlike laser where darker skin tones are unsuitable, it works for all skin types and colours – expect those with severe irritations.

Inhibitif claims to slow down and reduce hair growth over eight weeks

Revitol Stretch Marks Cream is a blend of powerful ingredients that are both pure and natural. These include aloe vera, vitamin E, vitamin A, grapefruit and seed extracts, and squalene oil. These work actively to target the removal of stretch marks, helping the users to regain beautiful skin all over again. Besides removal of these repugnant stretch marks, the cream provides adequate nourishment to the skin and aids in the healthy growth of skin cells. This cream was in news in this item too . For those who find hair removal or stretch marks problematic can take advantage of these great products from Revitol.

Revitol Best Hair Removal Cream for Men!

This cream has a natural formula that does not cause any side effects, or pain on the surface of the skin. Regular use of this Revitol cream help to make the skin much smoother, and also improves the skin tone, texture, and overall health. -You will have hairless skin all over your body. You will never have to shave again with revitol hair removal cream -Revitol hair removal cream is unisex. It is both for men and women. It has no side-effects and it`s safe to use. -You don`t have to do any laser treatment if you are using revitol hair removal cream.